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    Contour Mouse


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    The contour mouse offers a unique shape unlike any other mouse! It's design to allow your entire hand to naturally rest on the mouse, relieving strain that comes with continued daily mouse usage.  It offers 5 different buttons that are all programmable to different functions, allowing you to customize the mouse for what best suits your needs. Unlike a standard mouse, the scroll wheel is placed on the side of the mouse rather than the top, allowing your thumb to do the scrolling, keeping your fingers resting on the main 3 buttons at all times. The Contour Mouse comes in many different sizes, in both wired and wireless versions. Wireless include a charging cable and a wireless dongle, and can operate off of one 2 hour charge for up to 3 months. With plug and play drivers, you won't need to worry about long installs before you can use your new mouse.
  • This mouse offers a more natural position than a standard mouse, comparable to a handshake, allowing for improved comfort. It's an ideal mouse for people on the move, thanks to its wireless capabilities and storage compartment for the wireless dongle. It also features a DPI switch button, as well as forward and back buttons.
  • The RollerMouse Mobile aims to bring the comfort and utility of the standard RollerMouse to laptop users. It's the most compact and affordable RollerMouse yet! It's an ideal tool to help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
    • Measures a compact 12 inches wide and weighs 0.6 lbs, making it easy to store and take on the go, while still being comfortable to use with the standard laptop
    • Ambidextrous design, allowing both right-handed and left-handed users to scroll equally comfortably
    • Centred position to help reduce strain by eliminating the need to reach over to the mouse
    • Built-in Copy and Paste buttons for easy access to commonly used shortcuts
  • Comfort is key in the office, and a good mousepad can drastically improve yours.
    • Unique from other mouse pads, the Kensington SmartFit Mouse Pad allows you to customize the height of the wrist rest to best fit you.
    • The gel wrist guard allows your wrist to rest comfortably while you work
    • Freatures Anti-Microbial surface that resists both stains and odors
    • The non-skid base keeps the mousepad in place, preventing it from sliding around while you move the mouse
  • The HandshoeMouse Shift is an incredibly useful mouse, being both ambidextrous and Wireless. By pressing the button at the bottom, the position of the mouse will change from left-handed to right handed, allowing you to easily switch between hands to prevent too much strain on one or the other. It's unique wide design gives a lot of room for your thumb to rest as you work. Unlike other wireless mice, this one doesn't require batteries, instead being charged by an included USB cable! No need to go out and buy more batteries. On a full charge, the HandshoeMouse Shift can last up to several weeks before needing to be recharged again. The cable can also be used to allow the mouse to be used as a wired mouse.
  • A simple yet effective mousepad, it offers a gel wrist guard to keep your wrist comfortable as you work. Thanks to the Non-Skid base, the mousepad won't slide around as you work.
  • Goldtouch Comfort Mouse

    Manufacturer: Goldtouch Upgrade your comfort with the Goldtouch Comfort Mouse. Designed to mirror your hand in a weightless environment, the unique shape of this ergonomic mouse will ensure you keep your wrist at a natural 24 degree angle to alleviate pressure on tendons and joints. We offer 4 different variations of this product:
    • 2 Wired Options: Both Left handed and Right handed
    • 2 Wireless Options: Right Handed only, with the option to include a Bluetooth dongle for computers without built-in Bluetooth Compatibility
  • The patented shape of the Evoluent VerticalMouse supports your hand in an upright, neutral posture that generally avoids forearm twisting. By keeping the hand upright, and the forearm in a more neutral posture, the musculature of the forearm is able to remain in a more relaxed state, decreasing tension through the wrist, and lower potential for injury with prolonged mousing.
  • Evoluent Vertical Mouse C

    Another mouse in Evoluent's line of Ergonomic Vertical Mice, this vertical mouse offers a unique shape that's very different from most vertical mouses, while still providing a comfortable grip. Vertical Mice such as the Evoluent Vertical Mouse C offer ergonomic comfort by allowing your arm to remain in a more neutral position, whereas normal mice require you to twist your arm to properly grip them.
  • Contour Unimouse

    Posture variation is the cornerstone of ergonomics, which is why we designed the Unimouse so that you can explore its 4 friction-based points of articulation to find your own unique comfort. Effortlessly switch postures on the fly and engage different muscles and tendons while avoiding fixed, static positions. The Unimouse features a pronounced arch and elongated buttons that allow you to relax your hand over the mouse, while eliminating harmful gripping and pinching postures. Just about anyone can enjoy the ergonomic benefits of the Unimouse because of it's virtually limitless articulation options, and fatigue is all but eliminated with its “change on the fly” design. The friction-based articulation system provides an experience that is simple, yet stable in any position.
  • The R-Go Break HE Mouse is very similar to the normal R-Go HE Mouse, offering ergonomic comfort while allowing you to use your mouse in a more natural position, but it additionally offers a unique "Break" system, that indicates whether or not you're working in a healthy manner. The built-in LED will change colors based on whether or not you've taken the proper amount of breaks or not, based on a traffic light-esque system. If the light is Green, you're good to keep working! If the light is Yellow, it's time for a break. If the light is Red, you've skipped a break, or have exceeded your recommended mouse usage for the day. This unique system helps you monitor your work, and encourages you to take a healthy amount of breaks to help keep you going through the day. Unlike the normal R-Go HE Mouse, this mouse features a DPI switch button, allowing you to change the cursor speed with the press of a button.
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    *SALE* R-Go HE Mouse



    The HE Mouse has a vertical grip which provides a neutral, relaxed position of the hand and wrist. Unlike your standard mouse, with a vertical mouse such as this, you move from the forearm instead of your wrist, which prevents Repetitive Strain Injusries. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand, and supports your wrist and fingers. In addition, you can customize the buttons on the HE Mouse to your personal requirements.
  • Contour's RollerMouse line of products has one simple mission: to make you better at what you do. A RollerMouse is designed to sit in front of your keyboard and relies on Contour's patented Rollerbar to control the cursor. The RollerMouse can be used ambidextrously and encourages use of both the fingers and the thumbs to roll and slide your way to a healthier, more productive work experience. The idea behind this placement is to eliminate the need for reaching for the mouse, reducing unnecessary muscle activity in your arms, shoulders, and neck.
  • Contour RollerMouse Free 3

    The Rollermouse Free3 is an accessory that allows for a new way to move the cursor on your screen, while keeping your hands on the keyboard so you don't have to regularly reach for the mouse. It gives the user both more speed and precision, without sacrificing ease of use.
  • The gel wrist pad provides a yielding, padded surface for users who may be sensitive to contact with hard surfaces.  This unique design offers a mousing surface with an attached pressure-dispersing Lycra covered gel wrist rest. The 7" square low-friction mousing surface offers minimal resistance to mouse movement while ensuring precise cursor tracking.
  • Hippus Handshoe Mouse

    The Hippus Handshoe Mouse was designed specifically to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It's unique design allows your hand and wrist to essentially float, since the unique shape keeps your entire hand on the mouse, unlike most other mice, where part of your hand will have to slide along the desktop. The Hippus Handshoe House is offered in 4 different sizes. Please refer to the size guide below to easily find the size that best fits your hand.

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