• DISCLAIMER: This product does not include the Monitor Arm pictured in the photos, and is shown to demonstrate how the keyboard tray can be used alongside a monitor arm. This product is for the Keyboard tray as seen in the Photos. The S2S Ultrathin System offers exceptional height adjustability (6" below desk height, up to 16" above), allowing for the majority of stationary desks to be converted into sit-to-stand workstations for the majority of potential  users. The UltraThin phenolic material backed by Workrite's lifetime warranty provides years of dependable quality and performance. The removable palm support easily adjusts from side to side to accommodate either right- or left- handed mousing. Also includes Workrite's Optimizer document holder, and cable management for both the mouse and keyboard.
  • The Ergo Compact Keyboard is a compact ergonomic keyboard. During simultaneous use of keyboard and mouse, the hands will always remain within shoulder width. This gives the shoulder and elbow naturally relaxed positions which will help prevent strain complaints such as RSI.
  • Manufacturer: Evoluent A unique keyboard that places the numeric keypad to the left-hand side of the keyboard, rather than the usual right-hand side. This allows you to have your mouse closer to the main part of the keyboard, while not sacrificing the utility of a numeric keypad. This unique design isn't seen in any of our other products, and offers ergonomic comfort unlike any other keyboard.
  • Matching the Freestyle 2 Keyboard, this numpad features the same sleek design and membrane key switches. It's a great addition to the Freestyle 2 keyboard, or if you just have a keyboard without a numpad, and are looking to rectify that. This numpad features
    • Two extra USB 2.0 ports
    • Silent membrane key switches
    • Includes 4 additional keys not seen in most numpads – Tab, Backspace, Equals, and FN
    • Using the FN key, you can use shortcuts for Copy, Cut, and Paste
  • Many compact keyboards do not come with numeric keypads, leaving them less functionality than the standard keyboard. The Kinesis Low-Force Keypad offers a solution, giving you a separate keypad. Since it's not attached to the keyboard itself, you can place the keypad in an area more comfrotable to you. This keyboard also contains 2 additional USB 2.0 hubs, as well as additional keys not seen on standard numeric keypads: Backspace, Escape, Tab, and Equals.
  • The Goldtouch numeric keypad goes great with your average keyboard and can be a great addition for laptops and keyboards without full keypads. It compliments well with other keyboards offered on our website. It also features 2 USB hubs for low powered devices, like USB drives and Mice. Unlike most separate keypads, The Goldtouch Keypad offers many keys to help easily make calculations, almost as if it were a calculator itself! It features keys such as ( ) % ¢ $ € £ ¥ - and Calculator functions such as MS, M+/-, MC, and MR. Not only that, it also features Esc, Del, Backspace, +/- 00, and =
  • The Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard is the ultimate travel keyboard. Despite being a travel keyboard, it doesn't sacrifice size, thanks to its ability to fold in half to safely be stored. It's perfect for laptop users who are always on the move, and prefer a separate keyboard to the often uncomfortable laptop keyboard. Not only that, but the keyboard can also be adjusted from 0-30° on the horizontal plane as well as 0-30° of vertical tenting to allow your wrists to rest in a more natural position, allowing for comfort and customization not seen in most keyboards.
  • The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboard is the second generation of Goldtouch’s premier computer keyboard. Each is uniquely designed to adjust from 0-30° on the horizontal plane to prop­erly straighten your wrists, and 0-30° of vertical tenting to help alleviate pressure on tendons, and align the arms and shoulders in a natural and comfortable position. Plus, each keyboard adjusts to fit a wide range of body types, not just an average. That means everyone — at home or in the office — can find an ideal, comfortable position with a single keyboard.    
  • Evoluent Essentials Keyboard keyboard is a  highly reliable compact keyboard. The width of most full size keyboards can force many users to mouse too far out to the right, resulting in an awkward shoulder posture. At the same time, a large number of keyboard users rarely utilize the numeric keys. Therefore, for those users who rarely or never use the numeric keys, eliminating them from the right side of the keyboard not only saves space, but also allows the user to mouse with a more neutral shoulder posture
  • The Kensington Keyboard for Life is a simple, effective keyboard that offers spill-proof keyboard with a sealed membrane that protects the keyboard from spilled liquids such as coffee, water and soda. Its standard keyboard layout will right at home, and it's plug and play USB connection means you won't have to worry about installing external drivers on either PC or MAC.
  • The Freestyle2 is an award-winning split keyboard designed to address the ergonomic risk factors related to typing by adjusting to your body. It features a familiar Windows layout and convenient hotkeys. Features:
    • Sleek, low-profile design to reduce wrist extension
    • Accommodates a wide range of individuals with 9” and 20” separation cable options
    • Silent Membrane Keys Switches
    • Driverless hot keys
    • Standard key layout
    • Optional palm supports
    This keyboard also has many optional accessories, such as the Numeric Keypad, Lifter, and Lifter with Palm Supports.
  • A keyboard designed with maximum comfort and productivity in mind, it employs a unique angled key shape that encourages a relaxed position for your wrists without changing the keyboard's layout. It offers increased comfort, with little to no learning curve for the user.
  • NOTE: The French Canadian version of the keyboard is only available through the Keyboard and Mouse Bundle The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is boasts a split keyboard layout with a dome-like shape to allow for your wrists to rest comfortably and naturally on the lightly padded wrist support. Its layout is designed to work the way humans naturally wrest their arms. This keyboard includes a wireless numpad that can be placed wherever best suits your work environment. An additional bundle is available that includes the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse alongside the keyboard and numpad.
  • The Adesso Truform Pro 308 offers a unique ergonomic design that better fits the natural position of your hands and wrists. It features a split key design and a gently sloped shape for your hands to rest in an ergonomically comfortable position. Not only that, it comes with built-in wrist support to reduce strain, as well as a built-in trackpad with left and right mouse buttons, allowing you to move your cursor without having to even touch your mouse. It also features additional hotkeys located on the top of the keyboard to easily access multimedia tools and Windows applications at the the press of a button.
  • Contour – Balance Keyboard

    The Balance Keyboard is unique in that it is a compact-sized keyboard with a full 10-digit number pad. This means that you get all the functionality of a “full sized” keyboard while reducing your reach, keeping your hands in front of you, and allowing your elbows to the stay in a neutral posture.  It offers three tilt options including a negative, neutral and positive tilt to adapt to any workstation. Contour’s Balance Keyboard is the perfect companion for the Contour Rollermouse Free 3. The two of them fit together like a hand in a glove, designed to work perfectly with one another. It comes in both Wired and Wireless variants, allowing for a clean, wireless workspace. Features:
    • Full, 10-digit number pad
    • Minimized depth
    • 3 tilt options
    • 12 multimedia keys
    • Smart, power-saving technology automatically shuts the Wireless keyboard off when not in use to save battery
  • The Logitech K360 Keyboard is a compact wireless keyboard that doesn't sacrifice the numeric keypad, unlike most compact keyboards. Its compact 15" width allows you to maintain proper shoulder posture while using the mouse. Not only that, it features 6 media hotkeys, as well as 12 programmable F Keys, allowing you to access your email, music, and more at the press of a button.

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