Microdesk – Document Holder / Writing Surface


The Microdesk is a clear, plastic inline workstation accessory with adjustable non-slip feet that ‘straddle’ the keyboard, allowing paperwork to be centrally located above the rear of a compact keyboard. Made of heavy-duty plastic, the Compact Microdesk provides a tilt-adjustable solid stable writing platform which doubles as a document/book holder.  It can be used a flat surface or in a “stepped down” layout between the desk and keyboard tray.

Postural Advantage – This accessory reduces neck flexion, eliminates trunk rotation (twisting) and flexion (bending forward) and over-reaching which often results when writing to the side or ‘over’ the keyboard.

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  1. Regular Microdesk


  • Surface 560mm wide x 310mm deep (22″W x 12″D)
  • Front height adjusts from 75mm – 95mm (3” – 3¾”)
  • Rear height adjusts from 150mm – 190mm (6” – 7 ½”)
  • Accommodates most standard –width keyboards


  1. Compact Microdesk


  • Writing surface 430mm wide x 310mm deep  (17″W X 12″D)
  • Front height adjusts from 75mm – 95mm (3” – 3 ¾”)
  • Rear height adjusts from 150mm – 190mm (6” – 7 ½”)
  • Accommodate compact keyboards, mini keyboards and combination/all-in-one keyboards up to 15.75″ wide.

Both Sizes Comes with:

  • 1 pair Standard (Angled) Side Accessories,
  • 2 removable paper ledges (0.25″ or 0.75″ high) to support stacks of paper documents
  • A non-slip ruler/line guide


Optional:  Straight Sides Accessory

The Straight Sides Accessory is required when needing the microdesk at a low height, i.e. when the monitor position is low or for use with a two level desk like a sit-stand unit.  The Straight Sides fit both Regular and Compact platforms

Straight Sides Accessory:

Can only be used with Compact Microdesk

  • Front height adjusts from 80mm – 125mm (3″ – 5″)
  • Rear height adjusts from 80mm – 125mm (3″ – 5″)

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 20 × 16 in

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