• The Ergo Compact Keyboard is a compact ergonomic keyboard. During simultaneous use of keyboard and mouse, the hands will always remain within shoulder width. This gives the shoulder and elbow naturally relaxed positions which will help prevent strain complaints such as RSI.
    With its ergonomic design, the Ergo Compact Keyboard supports a comfortable and efficient typing experience, allowing you to work for longer periods without discomfort. Its compact size also makes it ideal for those with limited desk space, while still offering all the standard keys you need for everyday use. The Ergo Compact Keyboard is easy to set up and use, and is compatible with both PC and Mac systems. Its sleek and modern design also makes it a stylish addition to any workspace. Invest in the Ergo Compact Keyboard today and take the first step towards a more comfortable and productive work experience.
  • The R-Go Break HE Mouse is very similar to the normal R-Go HE Mouse, offering ergonomic comfort while allowing you to use your mouse in a more natural position, but it additionally offers a unique "Break" system, that indicates whether or not you're working in a healthy manner. The built-in LED will change colors based on whether or not you've taken the proper amount of breaks or not, based on a traffic light-esque system. If the light is Green, you're good to keep working! If the light is Yellow, it's time for a break. If the light is Red, you've skipped a break, or have exceeded your recommended mouse usage for the day. This unique system helps you monitor your work, and encourages you to take a healthy amount of breaks to help keep you going through the day. Unlike the normal R-Go HE Mouse, this mouse features a DPI switch button, allowing you to change the cursor speed with the press of a button.
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    The HE Mouse has a vertical grip which provides a neutral, relaxed position of the hand and wrist. Unlike your standard mouse, with a vertical mouse such as this, you move from the forearm instead of your wrist, which prevents Repetitive Strain Injusries. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand, and supports your wrist and fingers. In addition, you can customize the buttons on the HE Mouse to your personal requirements.

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